Behind The Lens

In April 2019 I was in Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania, where Tony and Lucy Fitzjohn have run an incredible wild dog breeding program over the last three decades.

Their son Alex (Mukka) and the team of experts working with the dogs were able to help me get extremely close to these dogs, something which I never thought I’d get the privilege of doing.

While these are not wild wild dogs yet (they are all released in to the Tsavo-Mkomazi eco-system when ready) they are certainly not tame or even habituated, something many don’t believe is even possible with this species. I was only able to get this close with Mukka’s brilliant supervision to make sure one either didn’t sneak up behind me while I had my eye to the camera or occasionally moving any away that were showing a little too much interest in my legs…

A huge thank you must go to everyone at Mkomazi, and Mukka in particular, for making all of this possible.

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