Behind The Lens

This has been one of my favourite collection of images to put together, mainly due to the fact that I was able to take every image on foot. I’m a firm believer that the closer you can get to your subject the better your images will be so to be able to walk amongst gorillas in Rwanda, gelada baboons in Ethiopia and golden monkeys, also in Rwanda, was a photographers dream. I was able to take all of these images within 2-10 meters of the subject, usually while lying in the ground.

Seeing gorillas in the wild had always been a life long dream so when Governors’ Camp offered me the chance to go there in May 2019 I jumped at the chance. Not only was I able to head on a gorilla trek but I also got to see one of Rwanda’s hidden gems, an enormous group of golden monkeys. My one trek with the gorillas was an exhilarating hour (this is all you’re permitted) as I tried to spend an equal amount of time photographing as I did observing them and soaking in the experience. I felt enormously privileged to be able to spend this hour with the Mahoza family, a group of 14 that contained one silver back and two younger males. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

As happy as I was drenched…Sorry (not really) for the selfie!

This ended up becoming a floppy hair competition

The gelada baboons (otherwise known as the bleeding heart monkeys) were an equally impressive sight, due in part to where they live; the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. To get to them I hired a car in Nairobi with a group of friends and embarked on a 7,000km round trip from there to northern Ethiopia and back again. It was worth every mile, breakdown and night in a dodgy hostel to photograph arguably the most striking primate with the most stunning backdrop in Africa. Even without these beautiful animals the Simien Mountains were worth the journey, but being able to watch and photograph these fascinating animals while the sun rose over “Africa’s grand canyon” was the cherry on the cake.