printing & Framing

Any of the images on my site are available as prints that can be mounted and framed individually according to your taste. I believe that when spending money on art work the framing is just as important as the piece. As a result while I offer a standard option for framing (white mount with an ash black frame) you may want to choose your own framing options.

For the last seven years I have exclusively used Based in Dorset, UK, they are the only bespoke picture framing and printing company in the world certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This is a particularly important factor for me with so much of my work heavily focussed on conservation.

Equally important is the quality of the work they do and the service with which they provide it. All their work is completed with incredible attention to detail throughout the printing and framing process while the personal service they have provided over the last (almost) decade has been exceptional.

In 2018 they completely revamped their website allowing clients to be able to upload images they want framed to see how it would appear in over 1,300 different options. This is a brilliant feature and one I suggest you take full advantage of if you choose to get a print framed. Here is a link to a brilliant one minute video about the company, their new site and their core business principles.

For more information on bespoke framing or different image sizes then please send me a message with the form below. From there I and the team at PictureFrames will make sure you get the frame that best suits your needs.

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