Fortunately writing and photography tend to go hand in hand well with the former being a passion I’ve developed ever since having a story about a rescued lion cub published by National Geographic when I was 18. The two current blogs, one in Namibia and one from Sardinia both came from last year, with pieces from my next few months in Kenya arriving soon.


In March 2017 I flew to Windhoek, Namibia, to undertake a 3,500km solo road trip round the northern half of the country. Covering an area twice the size of Switzerland armed with a Nokia brick and a road map I was so focused on not getting lost I ended up chasing my tent across the Namib desert while naked and almost getting trampled by a hippo while brushing my teeth…


I’ve never been a fan of cycling, unless possibly it’s to the pub. So when I was asked in March 2017 if I wanted to celebrate graduation by cycling 550 miles round the Sardinian coast ridiculously I said yes. Within two hours of leaving the Sardinian airport I’d gone straight over the handlebars at 35mph while also managing to fall of the bike while standing still. It could only get better.



In January I head to Kenya to work for Governor’s Camp as their in house photographer. Having worked their twice before in 2012 and 2014 I’m incredibly excited. Last time I was lucky enough to be involved in a dramatic lion cub rescue, where the Kenya Wildlife Trust returned a lost month old cub to its mother, while spending up to 4 hours a day on safari. Hopefully more exciting stories will follow.