A Beautiful success

For his final university project Will flew to Namibia driving 3,500km's solo around the country to photograph work being done by various conservation projects. Despite his tent being crushed by a tree, arriving at one destination on three wheels and having to fill up with petrol 100 yards from a pride of lions will made the journey with a day to spare. 

A beautiful disaster

In May 2017 Will and four friends attempted to cycle the 550 mile circumference of Sardinia. His four friends made it, Will did not. From falling off on mile 14 to finding questionably legal camping spots (including the pool side garden of a five star hotel) read about Will's now understandable passionate hatred for cycling. 

I don't really know what i'm doing

Due to an extreme case of post university blues Will's decided to venture to Australia. In the space of two months he's moved house three times, started a new job, got fired from his new job, offended a lot of Australians with his imitation of their accent and discovered that if you've run out of milk, beer works just as well with cheerios, but very badly with coco pops.